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I want to present to your attention a rather curious device for soaring – Justfog Minifit from the South Korean company Justfog

MINIFIT by Justfog - beautiful baby for a teapot

This device belongs to the so-called. POD-systems, devices AIO (all in one, all in one). In this article I will not dwell on POD-systems, their features, purpose, pluses and minuses. This is the topic of a separate article and a separate conversation. I will only say why I personally chose this particular copy. Still, I want to note that Minifit is not a closed system. It has the ability to change the POD (cartridge) and the ability to charge and charge the battery. This he is closer to the “Elders”, although it is not. Differences between PODs and “Eyeshek” are also a topic for a separate conversation, so let’s skip this

You can not say a lot about the device itself, it’s pretty primitive, but I’ll try it.

So, the characteristics 

Height is 70mm, length is 21mm, width is 15mm. 

Weight – only 20 grams 

The volume of the cartridge – 1.5ml 

Evaporator resistance – 1.6 Ohm Housing 

material – zinc (or aluminum?) Alloy plus plastic type polycarbonate

The capacity of the built-in battery – 370mah The board gives a stable voltage of 3.4V

The device is available in different colors (5 colors)

The kit includes:

MINIFIT by Justfog - beautiful baby for a teapot

Cartridge (POD)
USB charging cable – micro USB
Pretty capacious user manual in several languages

The system itself consists of two parts – the battery and the cartridge (POD).

A cartridge with a volume of 1.5ml. The resistance of the sink evaporator is 1.6 Ohm. The air intake holes are on the front side of the PODa. There are two of them, approximately 1.2 mm each. On the two holes, the tightening sensation is like at 1.7mm. Also on the bottom surface there is a cover that opens two filling holes.The ability to refill with regular means is a significant plus for this baby.


If you apply a certain skill and disassemble the cards – it can be serviced (change the wick) and even change the evaporation element – “rewind”. But this is not the topic of the conversation, although the video of rewind and service from the comrade CRAZY-I will be at the end of the review.

MINIFIT by Justfog - beautiful baby for a teapot

The button is pressed clearly, with a click. Random clicks in the pocket, IMHO, are excluded. Turns the device on and off 4 by pressing the button. The battery capacity of 370mah is certainly not the limit of dreams, but it’s enough for two full refills. Charges from the USB port of the computer (USB2, 0.5A) for 35-40 minutes, which is quite enough as the interval between “breaks”.

The board produces a stable voltage of 3.4V. It has protection against overdischarge, overcharge, overheating, short circuit.

The discharge indicator is located on the front panel of the battery pack and, depending on the discharge of the battery, there are three to one LEDs. Four flashes of all three LEDs in succession indicate the discharge of the battery. During charging, the indicator flashes in the reverse order and stops flashing when charging is complete.

MINIFIT by Justfog - beautiful baby for a teapot

The device can be used during charging.

That, in fact, and everything that can be said about this baby. What can I say from myself. I took it out of curiosity. It is not easy for me to get used to it personally – for it is very small. And the tactile sensations are completely different. But the more I carry it with me, the more I catch myself thinking that I do not need another one. The size of a flash drive, it lies in my breast pocket of a summer shirt and I do not feel it there.

Of course, I’m not ready to use such a thing as the main thing. At least for now. But on the way out, somewhere where it’s difficult to hover a serious device for any reasons (trains, planes, theaters, movies, restaurants, etc.) – quite
Such systems are designed for use with liquids on salt nicotine, but no one prohibits and ordinary nicotine. I pour into it a base with 18mg of nicotine and this is enough for me. The “nipples” mode does not include desire.

MINIFIT by Justfog - beautiful baby for a teapot

Of the advantages I want to note its miniature size and weight (20 grams, I will remind you), stable output voltage, the possibility of refilling and changing cartridges, charging (closed POD-systems are deprived of this possibility).

Of the minuses, as for me, and as it is not strange – also the size)) – with the habit of not getting used to this kid. The button … well, its availability is a controversial issue, it’s like whom it’s convenient, tastes. On a nearby forum complain that the cards are saturated with condensate, I have not yet encountered this. Well, if you play and try to parry it on it – the mouthpiece starts to bask.

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