Aspire Feedlink Revvo Squonk kit: Squonk mode and tank on maintenance-free evaporators

The company Aspire introduced the debut – this squonky box-fashion, which received the name Feedlink. This whale set, which you can buy at the time of publication of the article can only be with the tank, separately, unfortunately, it is impossible.



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  • 2 Information for information
  • 3 Revvo tank overview
  • 4 Review Squonk Fashion
  • 5 Overall Impression
  • 6 Cons and Pros


Skvonk-mod, User manual, warranty card, spare glass and disk evaporator, atomizer Revvo, a set of o-rings.



Height: 87.5 mm 
Width: 47.5 mm 
Thickness: 30 mm 
Weight with battery and tank: 276 g


Information for information

The Aspire Feedlink is made of zinc alloy and can be in five colors, equipped with a board that is responsible for the level of battery and protection, runs on one 18650 battery, has a bottle with a capacity of 7 ml, raises resistance from 0.1 Ohm, but can from 0.07 Ohm, is equipped with a tank Revvo, which works on disk evaporators.


Technical parameters:
Voltage limits: 3 to 4.2 V, 
Supported resistance: 0.1 Ω

Revvo tank overview

The tank is designed to work with Squonks. The chip of the tank is that it works on disk evaporators, which have a resistance from 0.10 to 0.14 ohms. Externally, the evaporators are similar as it was in the Mazda RDA dribble from Vandy Vape.


In an exploded view, the atomizer consists of 6 parts. Drip tip is unscrewed, while it is made of delirin, but it is non-standard and can not be put.


In the tank itself, 2 ml of liquid is placed. From above you can see there is a ring of adjustment, with stoppers, which easily rotates. Blowing here the upper, adjustable.

Further, the structure of the atom is such that a disk evaporator is installed on the base and a fixer is called from above, which is referred to as the Mounting Screw.


About the evaporation, you can say that these are ordinary discs, where the top is a heating grate, and the bottom is a cotton base. In the lowest part of the squonk pin.


Squonk Fashion Review

Visually the mod looks like a handle from a gun. Earlier we already saw in electronic boxes such. For example, Smok Mag 225W . And now here are squonks – for battle!

On top of the 510 metal squonk connector, which springs well. There is a sealing ring in it. Perhaps this is so that moisture does not fall. Next to the connector is the fire button. Here it is implemented from above. Has a soft click and click on it nicely.

Perhaps someone will not have to press such a push, but the guys from the company Eispar realized it in the upper part of the case. The button has a backlight, which also serves as a battery status indicator. Atomizers for 25 mm already have beads.

Blue glow – battery charge from 50 to 100%, 
Pink-blue – from 20 to 50%, 
Pink light – from 0 to 20%.

Side panels are decorative, which are held on two screws. The company’s website does not yet have information on whether it is possible to buy separately removable panels in the future and thus customize the device.

On the side there is a cut-out under the pressure of the squonk bottle. Its volume is 7 ml.

At the bottom of the two round caps – the metal hides the battery, and the plastic one – the bottle.


The bottle itself is inserted into the case and when removed, the lid is removed with it. The extraction process is quite fast.

The second cover is made of metal, it has a fine thread, so it will have to be twisted for a long time. On the lid there is no tongue, like the fashion GeekVape Aegis , which would make the process of unscrewing convenient.

It is convenient to press the bottle. It does not siphonite and works well for the Squonk system.


Overall Impression

Aspire Feedlink Revvo kit is a decent set for squonk. It is a pity that the mod is not sold separately, only in the whale, but it may happen in the future. Taste and heap on the atomizer is and if compared with unattended evaporators with a vertical arrangement, then the taste is an order of magnitude higher.

Skvonk-mod nice in the hand, despite the fact that it is too high. It is convenient to finish it, but there is a moment that when you first access unconsciously you press the bottle with your finger when you do not need to do this. But it’s not scary, since the volume in the tank is still 2 ml.

The board performs well, the fire is fast.

Cons and pros


– it is inconvenient to unscrew the lid under the battery, for a long time and the edges from the lid are sucked into the fingers,


-pleasant grasp,

-key has a soft depression,

-convenient change of the bottle and she correctly works out for squonk.

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