Flowermate v5.0s Review: The BEST Vape Under $100?

Lately I’ve been reviewing and looking at a lot of ‘high end’ vaporizers that cost many hundreds of dollars and even though I know a lot of you guys are looking for reviews on these sorts of vapes I also get messages from a lot of vapers who don’t have the budget to go all out on one of these higher priced devices asking me to review some more budget devices.

So today I thought I’d do just that and take a close up look at one of the most affordable portable vaporizersthat’s on the market right now.

It’s called the Flowermate v5.0s and right now you can score one of these things for less than $100.

But can a portable vaporizer priced at this level compete with the other portables that are on the market and is this really the best vaporizer under $100?

Well you’re about to find out.

Flowermate Vape Review

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First Impressions…

My first impressions just based on the packaging alone were really pretty good.

The packaging is color, glossy and really feels like it’s had some thought put into the design instead of just shoving it in a plain brown box like some other cheaper vapes tend to do.

Flowermate Vaporizer In Box

The instruction booklet does have some broken English in it however it’s colourful and easy to understand diagrams make it pretty easy to get the gist of how this thing is used.

Super Slim & Discreet…

The device itself is surprisingly right up there with the best in terms of size, weight, portability and stealth.

It reminds me a hell of a lot of an external hard drive and if you’re looking for a vaporizer that’s not going to raise any suspicious eyebrows then this is definitely that type of vape. It’s rare that you’ll actually find a vaporizer that’s this discreet and portable whilst also being so affordable.

Flowermate Up Close

This really is a true pocket vaporizer too in the sense that you can easily carry this thing comfortably around in your pockets without any problems even if you’ve also got a tonne of other crap in there like a wallet and a phone and whatever else.

It really is super light. Super portable. Super discreet.

Flowermate v5.0s Review

Vape Quality…

The clouds are very sizeable coming out of this thing and I have to say it tastes pretty good too.

I’m also finding I don’t have to pull super hard to get a hit and the hits that I do get have a really nice and satisfying kick to them.

It’s also really for sharing with others. You don’t really have to explain much to people if you want to share the vape around. Simply heat it up and pass it around.

If I compare this vape to much more higher end and more expensive portable vaporizers some of which are over triple the price of the FlowerMate then yeah there is a definite difference in the build quality and vape quality of the device to be honest and if you’re a vaping connoisseur type chasing purity and a luxury feel then this may not be the vape for you.

However if what you’re looking for is simply a good, practical and stealthy portable that’s easy to use and doesn’t cost a fortune then this is definitely a great contender for your money.The Best Vaporizer Under $100?

Battery Lasts For Aaaaaages…

The Flowermate even beats out some many more more expensive devices in terms of battery life which is without a doubt a one of the best things about this vape.

Because with this vape you’ll get up to a whopping 2 hours of consecutive vaping time when fully charged. To give you some comparison with the CRAFTY you’ll get about 45 minutes of consecutive vaping time and with the Pax 2you’ll get about an hour and a half (both of which cost well over twice that of the Flowermate).

Final Verdict: Awesome Value For Money.

The flowermate manages to incorporate most of the ‘core’ features that make a portable vaporizer practical, stealthy and easy to use but keeps it at a price tag that makes it affordable to those that can’t afford the much larger price tag of some of the higher end vapes that are out there.

And so although this might not be the best tasting vaporizer I’ve ever used… what I love is that it provides a really great and cheap way for people who perhaps don’t have the money to splash out on these higher end devices or who are just getting started with vaping to kind of get their feet wet. Anything that helps more people to discover the joys of vaping… well I’m all about that.


The only other portable vaporizer that I’ve really reviewed to date that was in this sort of price range and that I actually liked was the Magic Flight Launch Box which is in itself an awesome device but really a whole other animal altogether.

Because where as the Flight box has a bit more unique and eccentric style and doesn’t try to be discreet the FlowerMate just blends in with the crowd and looks like any other tech gizmo making it much more stealthy. Furthermore the Magic Flight Launch Box has a bit more of a learning curve that makes it a bit harder to share with friends where as with the Flowermate you’ll have no problem in this department.

Basically it’s the sort of vape that can be picked up right away from the get go.

And so overall I definitely think that the FlowerMate has definitely earned it’s place in the vaping world and I’m definitely giving the Flowermate the VapeFreak seal of approval.

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