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By a number of professional testers (and through Joyetech), the Cubis Fish tank have been generally known as “innovative” and “leak-free”.A single online video-critique particularly absolutely distributed me about this tank, and so i didn’t have any hesitation with purchasing it!

But is invention amounting to enhance functionality as compared to we are accustomed to? Just because it is trickle-absolutely free and ground breaking, ? Could be the Joyetech Cubis intending to make your e juice stand out?

Here is a fast consider my knowledge of the functionality of your Cubis container by Joyetech.This isn’t a ‘full’ look at the way it operates from the container, this is merely on how it conducted as i used it.This will likely is it current ? .

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JoyetechCubis Requirements featuring

System Information

Joyetech Cubis Package Information

1: Joyetech CUBIS Sub-contract-Ohm Reservoir

2: Trickle Idea (1x Social security and 1x crystal clear plastic material)

1 a BF SS316 .5 ohm Atomizer Mind

1 back button BF SS316 1. ohm Atomizer Scalp

1 by Boyfriend Clapton 1.5 ohm Atomizer Travel


Joyetech Cubis Appearance

22mm Dimension

5ml Container Potential

Special Cupped style and Design

Incredibly Drip Proof Fashioned Tank

Coil nailers and Major Portion Eradicated as Reliable Component

Leading Filled

Speedy Answering Strategy

Hidden Major Air movement

Considerably Lowers Leaking and Inundating

Heats up Wonderful Water Creation

Specifically Designed Boyfriend Coils Brains

Steel 316

5 ohms

15 to 30W

Stainless 316


10 to 25W


5 ohms

8 to 20W

Supplemental Elizabeth-Liquid Containment Limitation

Effortlessly Keep and Carry Elizabeth-Water for Use


Joyetech Cubis Prime FillVersusMasonry

Pretty competitively priced! But will it be seriously rivaling the Cleito?Never consider so!

Incorporates about three coil leads of separate resistances

Are able to use the Dure curls in technical staffing , or energy manner (given that your mod is to establish for Social security)

Simple as a nightmare to pack because of it’s actually leading-fill up, “innovative goblet design” (practically, you only dump liquid in while you would a cup! Inches)

Very creative layout which is really as opposed to almost every other container it’s hard to miss

Actually is leak-free

Incredibly beautifully manufactured

Caged a glass reservoir to protect the glass

2 independent leak tips (I like the apparent, cheap a single)

Bundled and hidden air flow handle that is definitely straightforward to alter

Quite one of a kind coil minds by having an exciting airflow design (even so genuinely can figure out a solution)


Tough to know in places you have your air circulation fixed

Spitty circles

Extremely little flavor through the Clapton coil nailers and also the other people are not very good at the best

Overall performance Statements

Joyetech Cubis SS316 .5, SS316 1. plus the Clapton 1.5 Ohm Coil nailers

I tried the three curls inside their advised varies so i used the Social security 316 curls in a variety of runs and temps in Thread count method (for a RX200 plus an SX Tiny ML-Class).Within their maximum power or temporary, not one of the coil nailers for me develop flavoring that may be popular adequate to create me would like to vape it beyond the reasons this overview.

The0.5? coil executed throughout the great for essence, inevitably and but even it was an anemic vape for flavoring it posts good watery vapor.They certainly such as a Clapton coil nailers, but it’s an extremely large challenge for any Clapton (1.5? ) and it was the complete worst performer for quality and vapor – while that particular is supposed to you have to be on the lips-to-bronchi vape (but even for this, I do not believe it performed well at all—and I really do really like a fantastic mouth area-to-respiratory vape).

I’vetried and attempted because of this water tank.I maintain believing that the following attempt will ultimately reveal some rewarding quality, but it surely has never.The way it stands now, this reservoir is just about the coolest looking very little tanks I’ve that will no longer sit on any kind of my mods.


Ionly given about Usd20 due to this container, so it is just not a big burning.But then again, I do not imagine I possibly could actually lose a Bucks20 payment and never desire it back again.After I was esmoking on the Cubis fish tank by Joyetech, it sensed like I dropped a Buck20 costs . . .so yes, I really wish i could have my money back.

Thetwo finest portions of the Cubis would be that it Really is flow-totally free but it does enhance the shape of what we think a ‘normal’ clearo should be intended like—and I do think this particular layout can finally accomplish amazingly—but for me personally, the flavour is actually undesirable so it can have anything more than points internet marketing ‘cool’ and outflow-cost-free.

Fora tank in this particular cost range, we propose the Cleito by Would like.

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