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Joyetech Cuboid Small Equipment Intro

For starting up and advanced beginner vapers, all-in-one particular products can be a marvelous decision in order to start for the rookie or to have a gain in esmoking for somebody that is saved some airfare a serious amounts of uses a far better vape.Joyetech’s Cuboid Small Set up falls into the latter type.I will not recommend it to some initially-time vaper only starting out, except for an intermediate vaper who would like to progress up from the class superiority his/her esmoking experience, the Kit seems personalize-manufactured.

TheCuboid Smaller Set created 80W warmth-control Cuboid Little pack mod — a reduced form of Joyetech’s 100 %-dimensions Cuboid 220W Thread count making use of combined 18650s.The Cuboid Little is svelte and luxurious, operated by a not-completely removable 2400mAh Liposuction procedures power this is Browse charged up again.The Cuboid Minuscule atomizer — in essence a bass speaker-ohm reservoir Or is customized for any System.When attached to the Cuboid Small mod, the two fit completely, creating a simple, 1-portion look and feel.

TheKit carries a nice availability of different coils leads — a stainless-steel top to bottom coil travel, a Clapton coil scalp made for lower electrical power, the latest Degree coil scalp suitable for larger electricity consuming, as well as what Joyetech is looking an RBA mind.That is something of an misnomer, because the RBA go as part of the deal I been given can be a vertical coil head, evidently supposed to be rebuilt.(Two hex screws in addition to a hex wrench have been from the elements tote, hinting that Joyetech contains a extra usual RBA porch with articles and nails with this atomizer, but my bundle contained exactly the RBA brain.)

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JoyetechCuboid Little Set up Technical specs and Features

Package Articles

1 a Cuboid Little 80W TC Mod

1 back button Cuboid Smaller Atomizer

1 back button Step Coil nailers (.25? )

1 by BF SS316 (.5? )

1 a BF Clapton (1.5? )

1 back button BF RBA

2 back button Mouthpieces

1 times Mini Hardware Cable connection

1 times Manual

1 a Warrantee Minute card


Proportions: 35.53 .22.51 .50mm

2400mAhInternal Power

Watts Selection: 1W – 80W

Temperature Variety: 200°F – 600°F Per 100°C – 315°C

Level of resistance Assortment:

05? – 1.5? (VT Ways)

1? – 3.5?(NovaFor eachSidestep Modalities)

Output Ways: VT-Ti And VT-National insurance / VT-SS316 Or Go around Or TCRVersus Volkswagen

Compatible With Several Atomizers

Large OLED Display

Firmware Can be upgraded

Chrome Steel Threads

Charges Through Small Hardware

5mL Fish tank Volume

TFTA Fish tank Know-how (Top Fill up Prime Circulation)

Effortless Prime Complete Attribute

Easily-removed & Cleanable Composition

Suitable For the Degree Coil nailers and BF Circles

Notable Responses


The Cuboid Small Set up is available online for about Dollar40-60 plus shipping and delivery.It’s new plenty of (by May nineteenth century) to not nonetheless be offered by many people on line providers, however that changes before long, without doubt.The low end-of the price array is definitely an whole lot, thinking about the high quality, electrical power, and four heads contained in the offer.


Firstoff, this is a good-looking installation.Corresponding the atomizer to your mod makes for a beautiful unit and that is thin, easy to carry for almost any sizing hands, and very good-seeking (quarry came in gray and black).Just like the complete-dimension 220-w Cuboid, the look is neat and good, with impressive machining and grow good quality.Knowing from appears to be on it’s own, the Cuboid Mini Set beats the nightmare from the majority of all-in-one particular advanced sets.

Wedon’t live by seems to be on your own, having said that.Properly, almost everyone really don’t.Elegance has to be more than skin tone strong.And this is in which the Cuboid Mini Set happens upon some issues.

The2400mAh rating of your Lipo surgery electric battery appeared to me an exaggeration around the higher part.The battery indicator revealed full right out of the package, well, i just started out vaping with no seeking a revitalise.Soon after half an hour of esmoking, having said that, while using the Level head with a modest 55 h, battery signal was missing from entire to 4And5 exhausted, so i was not even cycle-esmoking.

Perhapsa amount of Browse recharges will bring out the best of that power supply, permitting larger durability, but it’s actually unsatisfying to obtain only half an hour of vaping initially out before needing a period of time-consuming Browse recharge.I understand why Joyetech opt for not-easily-removed Lipo surgery battery pack — a good sole extractible 18650 could have been difficult to slot in the slender layout , but I just hate Hardware getting totally.Even with passthrough power, who would like to vape though tethered with a cord? I can discover how economic crisis-time vaper would get pleasure from Universal serial bus charging, considering that newbies please don’t already very own 75 substantial-deplete 18650s as I do, on the other hand confident desire the fact that overall performance of these Liposuction procedures battery elevates as time passes.

Theregulating chip in the Cuboid Mini is seemingly exactly the same computer chip utilized in Joyetech’s VT and VTC Mini.This computer chip may be criticized for inaccuracy of level of resistance psychic readings, but lauded for any excellent and steadiness of the company’s temperature handle effectiveness, especially with pennie line (stainless-steel insert is usually the most difficult to in temperature control for a lot of the casino chips that you can buy).Joyetech has brought months to modify the encoding of their computer chip, so I am going to keen allow it a go, with a rank.

I’veread on the internet many reviews on this package with conditions regarding the mod getting hot — not dangerously so, but sufficient to generally be worrisome and uneasy.To be fair, the system I got for critique acquired only lightly warm, even with consistent use at quite excessive strength.Becoming a fire hazard is a dilemma a lot of people have noted (which includes me) with the entire-size 220W Cuboid, so I assume it really is well worth referencing because a anxiety about the Cuboid Smaller.I probably won’t collection getting too hot to be a Scam, considering that my verizon prepaid phone do not, but remember that an opportunity is accessible.

OneDreadful Dilemma

Now we arrive at probably the most serious issue, a single that is certainly affect the complete strengthen of the review.The involved user manual states that the atomizer can contain e juice to the top tank’s window, but I had recommend using this.Vaping the Cuboid Tiny having a entire water tank generated an initial five minutes of vaping with gurgling from your minds and nasty spitback.“Spitback” may be the term used in esmoking to describe a take of very hot ejuice that shoots out up the get suggestion and in the vaper’s jaws To spitback annoying is really an exaggeration, simply because it can practically melt off one’s tongue.Spitback transpired with both brain I used — the RBA go along with the Step coil nailers — nevertheless it was much more serious while using the Level coil.Precisely the same challenge transpired once more whenever i refilled the aquarium immediately after an hour of vaping, even though I filled it simply 2/3 complete.

Joyetech is apparently cognizant of this, since the package has an additional trickle hint using a somewhat-blocked throat which is created to reduce spitback.That limited drop hint does limit the issue, it will not eradicate spitback fully.

Itpains me to contemplate rejecting an otherwise great Set up as a result of single dilemma, nevertheless is my challenge.Is non permanent spitback after filling or filling up a great deal-circuit breaker? I hate to say this, but I think it is.

When the Notch scalp had ruined in and stable making sure that gurgling and spitback ended (right after about 5 minutes of vaping), functionality from the Cuboid Tiny mod and coordinating Cuboid Aquarium ended up wonderful.I recommended a reasonable power level of 55 h while using Notch brain, but I took it around 70 m without any challenges.With all the RBA straight coil nailers scalp, the sweet spot was 40 h.Aside from the terrible spitback matter, the Cuboid Tiny Package offers amazingly superior esmoking experience that challenges bigger, more robust devoted configurations with more high priced, separately-invested in pieces.

I’msad to statement, having said that, that this spitback dilemma just gets rid of it personally.


TheCuboid Little Set up is on the internet for about $40-60 additionally shipping charges.This is new sufficient (as of Could 19th) to never but be provided by many on the web companies, however that determines quickly, little doubt.Period of time end of the cost variety is a very good deal, considering the excellent, electric power, and 4 mind included in the package deal.


Firstoff, this can be a handsome startup.Corresponding the atomizer towards the mod makes for a nice-looking product that’s thin, straightforward to hold for virtually any measurements side, and great-shopping (mine came in dark and bleak colored).Such as the full-dimensions 220-watt Cuboid, the design and style is neat and intelligent, with perfect machining and create top quality.Evaluating from looks alone, the Cuboid Small Package surpasses the nightmare beyond other all-in-a single second time beginners sets.

Wedon’t live and eat appears by yourself, on the other hand.Very well, the majority of us do not.Elegance needs to be in excess of skin tone profound.And that is where the Cuboid Smaller Package relationships some issues.

The2400mAh ranking of the Lipo surgery battery perceived to me an exaggeration around the large section.It warning proved full outside the package, i really just started esmoking with no making an attempt a refresh.After around 30 minutes of vaping, on the other hand, making use of the Step scalp at the mild 55 watts, the car battery warning had opted from whole to 4Versus5 energy depleted, and i also wasn’t even sequence-esmoking.

Perhapsa amount of Browse restores brings out the best of that power, enabling increased longevity, but that it is frustrating to get only 30 minutes of vaping at the first try out ahead of requiring a moment-eating Browse charge.I recognize why Joyetech selected a non-extractible Liposuction electric battery Or a good one completely removable 18650 could have been difficult to fit in the sleek design Or however just loathe Flash charging you totally.Despite passthrough functionality, who would like to vape though connected to your cord? I am able to discover how a first-time vaper would take pleasure in Flash getting, considering the fact that rookies never already unique 75 great-empty 18650s after i do, however i positive desire the efficiency of that Laser lipo battery pack helps as time passes.

Theregulating contribute the Cuboid Mini is outwardly a similar processor found in Joyetech’s VT and VTC Tiny.This processor may be criticized for inaccuracy of opposition blood pressure measurements, but lauded for any excellent and stableness of warmth handle efficiency, especially with impeccable cord (chrome steel cord is by and large the most difficult to control in warmth manage for the majority of the chips available on the market).Joyetech has gotten nearly a year to modify the computer programming of their chip, so I am going to willing so it can gain a go, with a decent level.

I’veread on the internet a number of customer testimonials of your set up with complaints regarding the mod becoming a fire hazard Or not treacherously so, but plenty of to be not comfortable and worrisome.To be fair, the device I obtained for evaluate obtained only a little comfortable, besides continual use at pretty great electricity.Overheating is a problem many people have revealed (together with me) with the full-size 220W Cuboid, so I consider it’s value talking about here as a prospective anxiety about the Cuboid Little.I will never list getting too hot as a Disadvantage, since acquire would not, but keep in mind an opportunity exists.

OneDreadful Trouble

Now we arrive at by far the most major problem, one which might be customize the overall develop on this assessment.The included manual states that the atomizer can contain ejuice to the top tank’s windows, but I had strongly recommend using this.Vaping the Cuboid Minuscule that has a complete aquarium created a first a few minutes of esmoking with gurgling with the leads and awful spitback.“Spitback” could be the term used in esmoking to clarify a crop up of cooking food e liquid that sets inside the spill tip and into the vaper’s oral cavity To spitback uncomfortable is definitely an understatement, mainly because it can actually burn off an individual’s tongue.Spitback took place with leads I used Or the RBA go and also the Degree coil nailers — nonetheless it was a lot more painful with the Notch coil.The same trouble occured all over again while i refilled the water tank just after an hour or so of esmoking, even though I refilled it only 2/3 100 %.

Joyetech is seemingly alert to this, since the package has an extra leak word of advice by using a moderately-impeded air passage this is created to lessen spitback.Although that constrained leak tip does decrease the dilemma, it isn’t going to get rid of spitback completely.

Itpains me to take into consideration rejecting a normally superb Set because of single dilemma, however is my predicament.Is short-term spitback after filling or re-filling a package-circuit breaker? I personally don’t like to talk about this, but I think it is.

If the Level head obtained busted in and settled down to make sure that gurgling and spitback quit (following about a few moments of esmoking), operation in the Cuboid Little mod and complimenting Cuboid Tank were being terrific.I chosen an average electrical power of 55 w while using the Level scalp, but I went ahead as much as 70 watts devoid of challenges.While using RBA directory coils brain, the sweet-spot was 40 t.Aside from the horrible spitback concern, the Cuboid Small Equipment offers an extremely beneficial vaping practical knowledge that rivals much bigger, more powerful focused configurations with additional pricey, independently-bought factors.

I’msad to record, nonetheless, that this spitback trouble just wipes out it in my opinion.


Fine,sleek layout with corresponding container

Superior machining and building

Good processor chip for electricity consuming and warmth control

Normally amazing operation

Pricing is fair (particularly from some on line vendors)


Go gurgling and scorching spitback momentarily just after filling or re-filling up

Liposuction procedures power supply volume (2400mAh) feels about-scored


Joyetech is just about the the big players amongst Oriental esmoking manufacturers, an honest marketing leader.They been common for a long period and still have discovered from quite a few problems along the route.The all-in-one Cuboid Little Kit is an item which tools a lot of Joyetech’s tough-won skills.The atomizer tank’s spitback concern is an awful flaw, even so.Whilst the gurgling and spitback end a few moments just after reloading, it’s actually nevertheless the best value a whole lot worse than merely annoying.

Ingood moral sense, I just can’t suggest the Cuboid Tiny Set included in the present sort.If Joyetech solutions the spitback problem (and not merely moderately, the actual addition of an inexpensive leak word of advice towards program), then A bit heartily advocate it to the two born and starting again beginners vapers.Before this, however, the Set up becomes a Thumbs Down from me.

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