The Kylin Mini RTA by Vandy Vape is the new and improved little brother of the very popular dual coil Kylin RTA. The Kylin Mini is a single coil rebuildable tank atomizer. This means you have to put your own coils and cotton inside.

First of all it is a 24mm diameter RTA that will fit most device’s currently on the market. It is primarily of stainless steel construction. It features a gold plated post-less deck design. Furthermore this makes it very easy to install your coils on as the gold plating consequently helps with conductivity.

The Kylin Mini also comes with Phillips head screws that make torquing your coil legs down a breeze to do. Just make sure you don’t strip your screw heads in the process. My only issue with the screwing system is that the screws are positioned perpendicular to the coils legs. As a result if you were to install an exotic build on your deck, it will warp your coils.

Kylin Mini RTA Tank by Vandy Vape Review

To fill the Kylin Mini RTA, simply unscrew the top cap and you are presented with some kidney shaped filling holes. These holes are large enough to accommodate a glass bottle dripper or your standard chubby gorilla bottle. The knurling on the top cap makes it very easy to grip and remove. The threading is very smooth and feels of good quality. That is no easy feat from a Chinese mass producer like Vandy Vape.

Some of the improved features of the Kylin Mini include the unique airflow design. The build deck of the Kylin Mini has an 180 degree honeycomb airflow system. This ensures that your coil will get airflow from underneath and each side, keeping them cooler, and giving the best flavor possible. The small honeycomb style air holes make this some very smooth with non-turbulent airflow.

Another thing that Vandy Vape seemed to have fixed is the leaking issue. Most noteworthy was that the original Kylin was prone to a bit of leaking from the base. Now don’t be fooled, this is not including the condensation that forms at the bottom of the RTA that people perceive as leaking. Finally with the Kylin Mini this seems to be non-existent. I’m not too sure whether this is because Vandy Vape decided not install juice flow control in the chimney section, or due to the new 180 degree air flow system. Whatever the case the Kylin Mini appears to have broken the curse that plagued the original iteration.


When you open the package you are presented with your Kylin Mini and a spare glass section. The spare glass is a ‘bubble’ glass section that will increase the capacity to 5mls of eliquid. Perfect for when you’re out and about and need that little bit of extra ejuice. With the Kylin being a single coil atomizer, it wont chew threw your vape juice in contrast to its Vandy Vape dual coil family members the Kensei RTA or the original Kylin RTA.

Included in the packaging you will find your 810 resin drip tip. Depending on the color you have purchased, this will determine the color of the drip tip you get. However, the top cap has an o-ring inside so rest assured this will accommodate your favorite friction fit 810 style drip tips.

The Kylin Mini also comes with a bag of spares you would expect, including grub screws, o-rings, and a Philips head screw driver. Underneath the packaging you also receive a quality assurance card and a fold out, poster style user manual that comes in a variety of languages.

Now It’s Available :VandyVape Kylin Mini RTA Tank

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